So Far As Fast

by Thorn1

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After learning a little of the history behind this album, it might not be surprising that it sounds a bit like an elegy – there is something of a funeral procession that moves steadily and subtly through each piece.
As Thorn1, musician Evegny Zhedya presented So Far As Fast as something of a farewell to his life in Russia before moving to Kiev, Ukraine. As a prelude to leaving, saying goodbye to home and to friends, the album works exceptionally well to capture a bittersweet journey from one place to another.
The music presents a fairly turbulent range of emotions, yet more often than not it is subdued and sombre in effect. Through elongated, ethereal drones, blended with shades of post-rock, electronica and shoegaze, Evegny has created a dreamlike sense of separation and isolation; during which most pieces utilise either guitar, piano and accordian to elicit often searing melody, which both contrast and highlight the sense of loss.
Organiq Grostee, the opening track, is almost frightening, and probably would be had it been purely instrumental. It’s a little like the opening scene of a film, where an organ grinder is standing on the corner of an otherwise empty street - one whose eerie presence has the capacity to inspire both faint trepidation and a kind of comforting familiarity from the knowledge you’re not completely alone on that street.
Soon after, fourth track Safe Trip makes a rather definitive statement on the tone and perspective of the journey being related. It is a gorgous 8½ minutes of echoing guitar that rests on the cusp of the darkest moment before the dawn. As the sun rises, or in this case the rest of the album progresses, the light is cast on landscapes of various textures and temperatures.
This culminates in the final track, Welcome Home, a beautiful piano instrumental. It’s like listening to a heart simultaneously break and mend in slow motion – the triumph is tempered with tragedy, the hurt with healing, and the separation balanced with solace.
So Far As Fast is an eclectic mix, steeped in a similar sense of dreamy disorientation, the likes of which you feel when experiencing déjà vu – surreal and a little mysterious, but still…it is accompanied by the implicit knowledge that it belongs to you.
~ Satellite for Entropy


released November 13, 2010

First Silber Records release



all rights reserved


Thorn1 город Барнаул, Russian Federation

Thorn1 is experimental drone, shoegaze, post rock project of Evgeny Zheyda from Siberia Russia.

"Visions of high mountains and glaciers sweep over the mindset, as Thorn1, traverse an arête, the audience meanwhile watch crampons hold firmly, as ice picks crack in to position."
~ Indie bands blog
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Track Name: Organiq Grostee
Organiq Grostee

Russian (Original):

Солнца нет!
Твои слова - кровью - ничто,
Мои слова - пальцем на песке - всё.
Следы на песке у моря, что
Еще под небом не мое?
Твоя душа - внутри меня поет.
Такой покой не будет долгим,
Рука моя умрет
Движеньем легким.
Ожоги неба на глазах оставят свет -
- Цвет крови на лице оставит знак
Полета - две восьмерки - Солнца нет,
А если есть, то серый прах.
В устах гремит тихонько имя.
Жди. Позабылись тени, белое поет.
Мы серые в глазах других, зовет в полет
Гроза и молнии. Проститесь с ними
Насовсем. В воде зеленый - на глазах печаль.
Звук красный - быстрый переход.
В коробке песня - голубей не жаль,
Детей убили в чреве. Этот год
Мы не оставим без рабов,
Вонзим стрелу в живое сердце,
И кончилась душа на первой запятой последних слов.
В любовь не верьте -
Не она душою правит,
А грозди ярости. Во мне огню
Большая роль - как вспышки над болотом.


There is no sun!
Your words - written by blood - are nothing
My words - written by a finger in the sand - are everything.
Footprints in the sand by the sea that
Even under the sky is not mine?
Your soul is singing inside of me.
Such a peace would not last long,
My hand will die
By movement of the lungs.
Burns the sky will leave the light on the eyes -
- The color of blood on her face will leave a sign
Of flight - two eights - there is no sun,
And if so, it’s gray dust.
It’s in the mouth rattles softly name.
Wait. Forgotten shadows, White sings.
We are gray in the eyes of others, calls to flight
Thunder and lightning. Say goodbye to them
Permanently. In water, green - eyes sad.
Red sound - a quick transition.
The song in a box - pigeons are not sorry
Children are killed in the womb. This year
We will not leave without slaves,
Thrust an arrow into the living heart,
And the Soul was over at the first comma of last words.
And don’t believe in love -
It is not ruled by the soul,
But a bunch of rage. The fire in me
Is a major role - as a flash over the marsh.
Track Name: И Смерть Над Ними Не Властна (And Death Shall Have No Dominion)
И Смерть Над Ними Не Властна (And Death Shall Have No Dominion) (rus original):

И смерть над ними не властна.
Среди погасших фонарей
Бредут наши тени,
Твоя и моя. Пустота.
Распахнуто пальто.
Прижаться к солнцу в темноте.
Смотри на меня - мы будем друг с другом всегда.

В моих глазах,
Имя -

Я знаю, ты будешь со мной
В распахнутых окнах, в снегах декабря,
В катящихся слезах.

В моих глазах,
Имя -
Смотри на меня,
Мы будем друг с другом всегда.

И смерть над ними не властна...

И Смерть Над Ними Не Властна (And Death Shall Have No Dominion) (en):

And death shall have no dominion.
Among the burnt-out lights
Our shadows are wandering,
Yours and mine. Emptiness.
Wide open coat.
To cuddle to the sun in the dark.
Look at me - we'll be together forever.

In my eyes,
Name -

I know you will be with me
In the wide-open windows, in the snows of December,
In the rolling tears.

In my eyes,
Name -
Look at me,
We'll be together forever.

And death shall have no dominion...